Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Park It Here

I stole this picture off my daughter's blogsite. It is an actual space saving parking garage in Munich. Leave it to German ingenuity.
This morning at my Curves workout we discussed high school graduation pranks. In past years, Stillwater was known for some doozies. In the early 80's they put a car on the (flat) roof of the old high school. One of the women exercising said her husband was vice principal at the time and administration never figured out how they got the car up there.
When I asked Jon if he remembered the car on the HS roof, he said he did. Then he reminded me a similar thing had happened to him. When he was in college he had a summer job working in the warehouse of Boise Cascade. At the end of one shift he could not find his car, a little Austin Healy Sprite. Finally, someone took pity on him and told him to look up. Someone had used the fork lift to stash it up on a top shelf.
I'll bet those high school kids had access to some big equipment or some big weight lifters to get that VW Bug up on the school too.

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