Friday, June 1, 2007

My Secretary

It is not politically correct to refer to your assistant as your "secretary" anymore. They have better titles now, like "administrative assistant". I don't have one of those. I have an antique secretary. My secretary is not a wizened old woman. It is a hundred year old walnut spinet (secretary)desk that I just purchased at a neighborhood garage sale. It was love at first site. It took me two more trips back and feverishly looking where I might put that piece of furniture in our house. Finallly, after measuring, Jon and I went back and bought it. It has a glass inkwell and a top that folds over converting it to a table. It will go in our entryway. (The entryway is not big enough to be called a foyer. I hope it looks okay there.) Now I will have a great place to display my grandpa Carl's old Bible and my stereoptikin and cards. I should be able to find a quill pen for the inkwell. At $80.00 it was a steal.

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