Friday, May 14, 2010

Battle Hymn of the Republicans ...( I just like that title)

Husband Jon announced this morning he had just had his half-birthday and had calculated he has "lived 24,000 weeks". Holy Cow. Didn't realize I was married to such an oldster. I think he misplaced a decimal or screwed up the math. He doesn't look 461 yrs old and I hope to have him around a lot longer. He looked chagrined when I told him that was a blogable comment.

I am still in the habit of parusing the obituaries, checking to see if I know anyone.
They are listed alphabetically and the first one today was a John Brown. I am sorry for the Brown family's loss, but I wonder if anyone else started singing "John Brown's body lies a-mold'ring in the grave, (repeat x 2) His soul is marching on. Glory, glory, halleluia," ect.


Naughty me. John Brown just died and isn't in the grave yet. We aren't in the grave yet either so it must be a good day. I think the 461-yr-old guy I am married to is living on the edge, though.
Picture: John Brown of Harper's Ferry fame, not my Jon.

I looked up the lyrics and there are two differing versions of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. ???? Maybe the republicans could claim one.

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