Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Do I love You, Let me Count the Ways and Days

After a grueling year spent losing 85# (2007), I regained 60 # and now am working to lose it again. Forty more to go. Half way and it is much more difficult to lose this time. Thoughts are to ask my Dr. to check my thyroid function..again...but he would probably smile. Over the years I have had my thyroid checked three or four times and it always comes back normal.
I wasn't going to blog about that failure, but....keep it real. I am back to walking a lot and doing Curves 3X a week. I had slacked off on Curves only going once or twice a week. That darn needle on the scale has only responded with a small drop after I started fasting one day a week with a group from church.
My motivation is to feel good and look better as the mother of the groom in August at Andy's wedding. I also have wardrobe challenges. My skinnier clothes don't fit and I buy new stuff sparingly because I don't want to stay at this size. The old adage, "Don't give away your clothes when you lose weight because you won't have anything to wear when you regain it is true." Most losers want the fat wardrobe banished so they won't regain the poundage but it doesn't work that way.
Why did I regain the weight? My first answer is "Because I am STUPID". My next answer is I was probably too strict in dieting. My cholesterol dropped to 98 and I have since read that may have been my undoing. Too low. I also resorted to artificial sweeteners and that kept my sweet tooth alive and well.
Oh, well. Not good to dwell on the past. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.
I want to be healthy. I want to remember my original motiviation to be healthier.
Today I commented to husband Jon that I wanted to exercise and eat right so I could be healthy. Jon keeps me grounded. "I am 65, think what comes next!, I said. Without missing a beat he answered, "Sixty-six". Got to love that guy.

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