Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Do They Do In Iowa?

We just had a little heat wave. Temps in the 90's with high, drippy humidity sent us scurrying north to cooler weather. It is programmed into Minnesotans at birth to seek the serenity and cool breezes off Lake Superior when things get sticky in the rest of the state. We drive up two or three times each year as we have done since we were married in the 60's. Many 4th of Julys were spent with our kids huddling around camp fires on the shore in our winter jackets. The frigid water of that great lake keep it cool as long as there is a breeze off the lake. All bets are off it the wind is from inland. Duluth occasionally gets hot.
We left a sweltering city. When he got off the freeway in Carlton we rolled down the windows and enjoyed the 25 degree drop in temperature. Apparently it was humid there as well; the closer we got to the lake the more foggy it became. On the approach to Duluth we realized we were to enjoy the weather but not the view. The lake was fogged in. We never saw it. We stayed overnight in Two Harbors hoping the ;fog would lift. Late morning the next day we started the drive up the coast toward the border. Visibility was less than a block. No lake. No road. No view. No stay. It was a bone chilling damp cool morning. At least we came home to a somewhat cooler, less humid town. We will have to make another trip north later this summer.
What do they do in Iowa when it gets stinking hot?
Picture: our view of Lake Superior

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