Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just a Good Story

I spent yesterday afternoon volunteering at our church. We are doing a new church directory and someone needed to handle registering people who came to have their photos taken.
Someone shared a story about one of the women who came for a session. She is a retired nurse like myself and volunteers a lot of time helping. A couple years ago she was in charge of delivering hot meals to people who were sick, recovering from surgery or had new babies. Church people prepared the food and she delivered.
She called one recuperating lady and was told "Just walk in, put the hot dish and food in the refrigerator. I will be napping." Fine. That is what she did, along with a little note saying everyone in the church was praying for her. A short time later she made a follow up call. The lady said she never received the food. Our church lady had delivered it to the wrong house. I wonder what those people felt.... lucky, blessed, or just perplexed.

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