Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stand and Be Counted

Today's newspaper travel section had a notice of Whalen, MN's upcoming "Stand Still Parade" on May 15th. Whalen is a town of 64 souls. A town so small that the parade doesn't parade. Spectators move along the line viewing the parade entries. You gotta love 'em.

A few Saturday's ago on one of those warm, sunny days we drove to Lanesboro, MN. We've been to this charming town in the bluff country before and enjoy it. Driving a few miles further, we happened upon tiny Whalen. The sign there advertised the stand still parade. Charming.

Afton is a neighboring little river town close to Stillwater where we live. Every fourth of July they celebrate with a parade down main street. Main street is just about the only street, so the parade starts at one end, reverses direction like a train and goes back to the beginning. This main street is also Hwy. 95 and for an hour or so there is no way to get through town. Throngs of people show up to see local kids in decorated wagons, bikes and wagons behind tractors. Americana lives.

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