Saturday, May 8, 2010

See Jane Stand

Our fair city of Stillwater, MN has a marathon coming up again this Memorial Day weekend. Last year I volunteered at a water stand and will do so again this year. It was fun. Duties are simple; hand the runners a cup of water and cheer them on. Our post was toward the end of the race and we saw tired runners who were walking as well as those leading the pack. See them run; see me stand.
We were oxymoronic "paid volunteers". I would have done it for nothing and that is what I was personally paid. The money went toward our youth groups summer trip.
I signed up for duty but couldn't remember the date when I went to mark my calendar. Was it on Monday? Sunday? Saturday? Checking the website clarified the date. There was also an interesting story about last years motivational speaker for the runners. He was a guy named Dane Rauschenberg from Washington D.C. who ran a marathon every weekend in 2006. 52 weekends and 52 marathons. He was also the pacer for the serious participants who wanted to have a time that would qualify them for the Boston Marathon. Dane's book about his achievement is called, "See Dane Run".

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