Saturday, May 1, 2010

Early Bird But No Worms

When we were kids we were subjected to mom's home health program. The government might learn something about cost cutting measures from her. She usually diagnosed and treated us without consulting a doctor. That was a big cost saving measure.

One of her "treatments" for a condition we probably didn't have, was annual worming. She gave us the over-the-counter medicine to rid us of pin worms. I don't know if we even had pin worms but you can never be too careful. The pills were basically a purple dye. I am so glad we never had headlice, or that she even suspected head lice. That treatment is no fun.
I apologize about all this talk of parasites, especially if you read this first thing in the morning. My blog isn't about helminths (check your dictionary). It is about being early for everything.
I volunteered to watch the twinbabes this morning while Mary & Mike have a garage sale. I even set my alarm for 5:30 to have plenty of time for coffee and a shower and the half hour commute to their house. I woke up at 3:14. Good judgment dictated I not knock on their door yet, so....

This week I received an invitation to a reception for one of our local physicians who is retiring. I called another retired co-worker and made plans to go together.
I was dressed and spiffed up and ready to pick her up last night when I took another look at the invitation and saw the party was on Friday, May 7th.
I wonder if mom would have a cure for what ails me now. If it was purple dye, I think I would pass.

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