Thursday, May 13, 2010

Young Life

When I met my husband his "baby sister" was fourteen. Today is her birthday and she is no longer a teenager, but she is forever young in my mind. Happy Birthday Jannie.

I am not glorifying youth. I think we should appreciate age and experience, but I the young ones give us hope of life continuing on. Yesterday Jon and I spent the morning watching the twins. We both love how cuddly they are when they first wake up. Both want to spend a while sitting on your lap. Young life. Precious.

My son in-law is preparing to reside their house and garage. While doing some prep and yard work last weekend he uncovered a nest of tiny baby rabbits which he carefully moved and sheltered. The next day he did a welfare check and saw the momma rabbit had relocated the nest. Mike has a tender heart and couldn't hurt them even if he later is frustrated when they eat his garden.
When we sat on their patio Sunday he pointed out a robin had nested in the wreath hanging on the patio. She was flying around, apparently nervous that we were so close to her nest. He suggested we move the picnic table into the yard so the eggs wouldn't get cold and she could sit on the nest. We moved and mama robin came back to keep her vigil. (There were four robin's egg blue eggs in that nest.) Life. Cherish it.

Picture: My sister Carolyn with new lambs on her Texas ranch. One of those is named Jane if I recall correctly.

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