Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't Lettuce Alone

It's Friday. Many say TGIF. I am no longer employed so those words aren't spoken often in our house.

There have been a lot of bad things happening lately. I half-heartedly joked about the disaster of the week, but I don't think we even have a week between some disasters. Consider Icelandic volcanos, loss of life on the oil platform in the gulf followed by a gushing leak contaminating coastal shores, tornados, biblical flooding in Nashville, more airport closures in Ireland and Scotland as the Icelandic volcano smokes again, riots in a bankrupt Greece, possible troubles with the euro and then a plummet on Wall Street probably caused by an electronic error.
The state of Minnesota is again on the brink of bankruptcy with a 3 billion $$ deficit to fix before the legislative session ends in two weeks.

Morning news today about a food recall of romaine lettuce contaminated by e coli. The next story was about Americans not eating the recommended five servings of fruits and veggies. Hmmmm.

The red-hot MN Twins were beaten by the worst team yesterday.

Snow is predicted here today. Our grandson, Zach is going to the prom tonight. The good news; it won't be "shovelable".

Our second son was in a car accident coming home from work yesterday. Thankfully, neither he nor the other driver were injured.

Atheists are challenging our National Day of Prayer. Although we don't need a federal proclamation to pray, why do we want to banish God now? Our hope is in Him and we do not want Him to let us alone.


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