Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom and Me & the Other Me

It's Mother's Day. The day brings back memories of childish greeting cards made by our kids who were prompted by grade school teachers. Love those teachers. Those little drawings and verses are priceless.
I received an electronic greeting and invitation to be his Facebook friend this morning from our youngest son. I accepted his invitation. Now, I can't find evidence that we are indeed friends on my homepage. I think my alter-ego has stolen my son. When I set up my Facebook page I accidentally befriended myself and that other self steals some of my friends and mail. No one seems to know how to kill off the other Jane.
I was amused when Andy asked to be friends. Facebook started as a social message board for college kids. Oldsters and others were excluded. It has now grown so almost everyone I know is on Facebook. When I got an account I asked Andy if he wanted to be friends. The look on his face said no way even if he was too polite to say so. I think as he has matured he is less worried I will read about an underage party.

It's also a good time to remember my own mom today. Picture of young mom & dad.

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