Sunday, August 26, 2007

Diaper Dilemna

Andy relates seeing a lot of stuff on the streets of the city in China that he carefully stepped around. He found out later the cause of this organic pollution was babies without diapers. Parents keep the small fry naked on the bottom. No diaper. The mom or dad become good at reading the signals and facial expressions of the infants and hold them out at arm's length when they look like they mean business. We are more ecologically conscious in America and even some of our dogs wear diapers! Can't have them making messes in the house. I think some of this is because Fido becomes one of the family and people have a hard time euthanizing an older, incontinent pet. I hope that is the cause. We have had a dog from the dog pound in past years that we adopted. Reason he was there? He was not house trained. Found out you cannot teach a one year old dog to go outside. We returned the dog and did not buy the case of "Doggie Pampers".

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