Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wally and the Beaver...Make that Wally and the Gopher

When our son was deciding on which college to attend, he narrowed it down to three. He contemplated UMD, Madison, and St. John's. He was accepted at all three so needed to consider how each fit his aspirations. He had many friends who were enrolling in Madison, UMD and the U of M twin cities. SJU offered great scholarships...what to do? In the end he chose SJU because he said he would be more able to focus on his studies there. It is a scenic though remote campus with a reputation for low drop-out rates and high numbers completing an undergraduate degree in four years. College is an adjustment, his campus was isolated and he had no car. Perhaps he regretted his choice the first few months. His old buddies at other schools were having different experiences. That passed quickly and he now appreciates the choice he made. I remember him telling me he was working out at the school gym that fall and looked over and saw Wally Czczerbiak on the next machine. I was not initially impressed because I did not know who Wally Czczerbiak was. He was a Timberwolf player and the Wolves were in training at St. John's. It guess getting the boys away from the big city distractions works for basketball players and students. Yesterday I heard the U of MN Gopher football team is checking in at SJU today to train. Alas Wally C. was traded to the Celtics in 06. Now Kevin Garnett will follow. These are the only two Wolves I could name. And to think I just learned how to spell Czczerbiak. What a waste.

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