Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Something Is Fishy

I don't like fish. I don't mean I have anything personal against any specific fish, I just don't enjoy eating them. Too often they "taste fishy". They probably should taste fishy just because they are fish not hamburger.
My husband and I have an understanding. He can fish all he wants as long as he doesn't bring fish home. He usually does catch and release, or gives them to his fishing buddy. Last June he went on an Alaskan fishing trip with his cousins. They caught 1900# of dressed weight fish. It was flash frozen and packed for the guys to bring home. He weakened and brought home a 50# box of frozen fish. I groaned and then called anyone who lived close and had freezer space. We did not have that much freezer space nor did I want that fish. We saved some salmon and halibut. He had eaten fish stew in Alaska and wanted to make a batch. We still haven't eaten any fish stew. I try periodically to convince him to divest our freezer of nature's bounty to no avail. He wants to keep it to make fish stew.
I have nagged a bit because it took up about 35% of our cold space. Finally, I have been trying different fish recipes I find online. I cook a slab and then have to eat it for four days. My stalwart fisherman does not eat the fish. Tonight's teriyaki garlic marinade wasn't bad.
Moral of the story: If you do not like fish and your husband says he is going to bring just one fish home, ask how big the fish is. The halibut above weighed in at 180#.
A couple of weeks ago my sweetie went fishing "up north" with his friend Lance. He brought fish home. It is in the freezer. When I asked him last weekend if I should cook the fish, he turned up his nose and said he didn't feel like eating fish.
That's is my husband of almost forty years on the left. My dinner is in the middle.

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