Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's Only Fair

It is August 1st but signs of fall are here. The days are shortening. The State Fair is coming. Big box stores are having sales on "Back to School" supplies.
We spent four hours today at the Washington County Fair. Our church mans a hospitality tent where people can eat their food at a table in the shade. We also give away bottles of ice cold water and have Veggie Tale cartoons for the kiddies. It is appreciated by hot tired families. Our pastor has a heart for just doing helpful things for people. Our most unusual church ministry: clean porta-potties on the Lumberjack Days parade route. Is that "thinking outside the box"? Sounds like thinking inside the box. Oh, well.
We spent four hot hours helping set up and serving and came home totally exhausted. I wonder why people venture out in this hot weather. My love of the northwest grows every year. Even Minnesota has gotten too hot. That is a lot of whining for someone with central a/c. Imagine what people who make their living picking agricultural products fourteen hours a day experience. My brother in-law's great-grandparents were slaves in Louisiana working in the sugar cane fields. I don't think the master's were offering them ice cold water or air conditioned housing either. That said, I will stop whining and be thankful I am living in a time when we have much more comfort than those who went ahead of us.

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