Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Bring on fall! It is so humid today you can see the air. My husband has been working on a few projects in the garage and coming in to "reshower" and refresh. I am breaking my walks up into smaller bites to tolerate the humidity. Childhood memories of crisp apples at the orchard, cool nights, clear blues skies and golden leaves beckon me to anticipate October. The reality of recent years is that September can be pretty hot too. When I was a kid I spent almost every afternoon swimming at the beach until the water turned green in mid August. We called that Dog Days. It was two weeks before school started, you couldn't swim, and the fact that school was soon to start never cheered me up. Today I cheered up with the news of the stock markets rally yesterday. Do you think it had anything to do with changing my password? I am no longer "losingmore" money. Now if I could just figure out how to manipulate this weather.

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