Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to the Fifties

In our church, RVCC of Lake Elmo, members volunteer to serve coffee, greet, do nursery and Children's Sunday school, work the audio board, tape services or sing in music ministry etc. There are many places to serve and we have very dedicated people. I believe almost 75% of people are serving in some capacity. Last night the church had it's annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. This is an event not to be missed and a lot of fun each year.

We warmly welcome newcomers to church and hope they continue to come. Perhaps if we let them come to our party and they would come, volunteer to get in on the fun.

The theme this year was "Back to the 50's". The pastoral staff and heads of ministries worked to turn the church into a 50's diner. They constructed booths with food served by costumed waitresses and waiters. One of the pastors who was a DJ in his younger years parodied Wolfman Jack. Another woman was in charge of costumes and outfitted all who wanted to dress for the 50's in vintage poodle skirts etc. They had two old cars at the entrance and a Harley hog in the "diner". Music was from the era but parodied lyrics. Performers mimed and danced to about a dozen tunes. The food: thick burgers, fries and malted milks. Door prizes (everyone won) were toys from the era like marbles, hula hoops, play dough and frizbees.

Jon and I came as a nun and priest . That is how we spent most of the decade--in parochial school is a nun in long black habit up front. I carried a ruler and admonished our wize-cracking, gum chewing waiter and enforced partiers to keep an early curfew.

I posted lots of pictures especially for my good friend Mary who is on a mission trip in Serbia. She was sorry to miss the party but will know the people in the pictures. You won't know many, but Jon and I are the ones in black.

Come visit us at RVCC in Lake Elmo, MN but you will have to wait a year for the next party.

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