Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu Stinks

I remember the last outbreak of Swine Flu in 1976. Public health officials were alarmed when young GI's succumbed to the swine flu and a nationwide push to innoculate the populace began. Jon and I got our shots. I can't remember if our kids did. As the immunization program proceeded, a nasty number of Guillion-Barre (French polio) cases were traced to the vaccine. This neurological disease crippled and killed. They stopped the Swine Flu shots. There weren't many cases of the flu and pundits asked the question, "Name a cure for which there is no known disease?"

Now there are outbreaks of Swine Flu in Mexico and the US and Canada. I don't think my 1976 shot is providing immunity to this morphed virus. I do know we were just in San Diego where they had the flu but are feeling fine. I will watch Jon for any oinking.

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