Saturday, April 11, 2009

There is No Free Lunch....Post It

So the adage is true. There is no free lunch. Newspaper this morning has an article about cost-cutting measures at 3M. They are eliminating the free lunch at the annual stockholders meeting. They quote one 3M stockholder-retiree as saying, "I am disappointed and angry".

The May meeting is usually well attended by 3M worker retirees. They come for the swag bag, company store where all products are discounted, and the free lunch. The company indulged this group. My husband worked AV at these shows for years. He always smiled at the questions during open mic. Questions such as, "When are you going to increase our pensions?" and "Why can't you provide dental coverage to retirees?" The CEO deftly answered. They usually didn't like his answers, but the next thing they would do would be eat that free box lunch. It placated the masses.

I confess I have been to two of these meetings myself since retirement. I didn't ask any questions but I got my swag bag and free lunch. I predict a smaller attendance at this year's meeting. Maybe no one will show up to ask about increasing pensions or dental coverage. Maybe the Board figured this out. Maybe we will skip it this year too. After all , there is no free lunch.

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