Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ronald Reagan Library

We visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA and were impressed. Perhaps you remember watching his burial here on television a few years ago. I was struck then by the beautiful views from this mountaintop site and we were not disappointed.
It is a beautiful tribute to President Reagan that would be appreciated by all Americans who remember him.
You can go on the retired Air Force One 707 that was in service from President Nixon through the first Pres. Bush.
There is a replica of the oval office the way it looked during Reagans term.
Lots of memorabilia were on display from his early years including the love letters he wrote to his Nancy.
While we were there they had the Magna Carta on display. It is on loan from London. There were four copies and this one is 800 years old. I saw another in the National Archives in DC years ago.
The gravesite is quiet, simple and the views are beautiful. Nice place to visit. Nice tribute to an effective president who was determined to bring down the stranglehold of communism.

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