Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Minnesconsin or Wiscosota?

What shall we call a combined Minnesota / Wisconsin? Headlines today about the collaborative efforts of the Governors of our fair state and our neighboring state to share services to cut expenses. They have found 80 services they can combine, such as planning inmate menus.

Mind you, I think it is a good time to cooperate and save money. We don't have a surplus in Minnesota's budget this year. We have a $4billion shortfall. Most states are in the same predicament and I applaud Gov. Doyle and Pawlenty's efforts. Maybe they will set an example for the rest of the nation who are also feeling the economic meltdown.

North and South Dakota could just be Dakota. All the good stuff is in South Dakota anyway except the water which all seems to be in North Dakota. Poor Fargo.

It shouldn't be hard for small eastern states to collaborate. How far is the statehouse of Rhode Island from say Boston?

Bigger states like Alaska and California could stand alone, although I would love to see what a partnership of Gov. Sarah Palin and the Governator of Cal-e-for-nia would look like (and sound like). I'll bet she would even let him smoke his cigars. They would be good in a movie together. I'd don't see her as the damsel in distress to Arnold. She can hold her own. Maybe Terminator 3 ?
With all the states looking for "dance partners" I don't think anyone will approach Texas. They are big enough as it is and their state motto is "Don't Mess With Texas".

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