Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where's Joe?

Rick Warren started his best-selling book, "The Purpose Driven Life" with the line, "It's not about you." I'll start my read-by-my-daughter-sister-and few-friends blog with the line, "IT'S NOT ABOUT FLU. Too much flu talk is scaring everyone. Even Joe Biden is advising not to get on a plane or ride the subway. Where is Joe this morning? Do you think they sent him to the bunker formerly occupied by VP Cheney? Loose lips sink economies. The airlines must have cringed with that comment. It is okay for us to think that we wouldn't want to be on a plane right now. It is another thing for the VP to voice it. Reprecussions. We can't even get the gov to close the borders. That is right--- borders. There is flu in Canada too.

Enough. I wanted to talk about the concert by "Flight of the Conchords". Daughter Mary and Mike are going and I am watching the twins Sunday night. I asked her who they were? Her reply: "They are a New Zealand guitar-based digi-bongo accapella rap-funk comedy folk duo."

It used to be easier to catagorize music. It was rock 'n roll or pop. It was jazz or blues.

I Googled the group and watched a You tube video clip. They do comedy and parody. Remember Weird Al? They aren't exactly like him except in the comedy sense. When our baby Andy was about six or seven he was crazy about Weird Al. Mary and daughter in-law Jen made sure he got to see a live performance of the weird one. He was playing some outdoor festival and Andy was thrilled. Andy is no longer such a big fan of Weird Al but he is also taking his Laura to The Flight of the Conchords concert this weekend.

We don't have HBO but this New Zealand group has a TV series about a couple of New Zealanders living in NYC. With the demise of the supersonic airplanes, these are the only concords around.

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Mary said...

You left out the best part about FOTC: They are the fourth most popular New Zealand guitar based...