Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Get Out the Vote

Minnesota is still waiting for a winner in the senatorial election of November 4th. A decision should be made this week. Al Franken is now ahead by 313 votes. If the decision goes for Franken, the Coleman camp will take it to the next level with an appeal to the State Supreme Court. We might know by summer.
This election should have convinced us that each vote counts. Vote and do it right. Don't mark your ballot voting for both nominees who compete for the same job. People did that. This is politics and Minnesotans wanted to keep our reputation of clean politics. I think that term is an oxymoron.
While we wait for results people are cueing up for the next election. I heard a report on the radio this morning saying that an online survey asked for preference among 38 possible Republican candidates for president in 2012. Ron Paul won. I was encouraged.
In the mean time I will continue to vote early and often for my favorite candidates on American Idol. I like Adam and Allison. Can't see how Adam won't win but I wish they could tie this year.

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