Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Remember, Barbie, that 50 is the New 20. Yeah, right.

They call the new version of Barbie doll "Totally Stylin' Barbie". She comes with a set of tattoos that little girls can apply to look like their heroes. Their heroes? Why can't little girls have wholesome heroes like Barry Bonds and A-Rod? Heroes with realistic bodies. Oh, never mind.

Since her inception (not conception) Barbie has been viewed as edgy by some. Her unrealistic proportions, might- be- gay boyfriend, and fantasy careers have raised an occasional eyebrow. Never mind she drives a gas guzzling Corvette. Then along came the popular Bratz dolls and Barbie looked California girl wholesome. Now, with the demise of Bratz, Barbie is conforming to that slutty image. Or not. Not all tattoos are slutty although people my age tend to look disapprovingly at them. They do call it a Tramp Stamp.

Barbie is now fifty. She might want to put a tattoo on her chest that says "Do Not Resuscitate". (Lord knows, I do.) She might need money and be selling advertising space on her hide. She might be depressed that the AARP is now solicitating her as a member. On second thought, Barbie go for the tats if you want. It is all downhill from now on. The next version might be "Botox Barbie".

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