Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The question was, "What were they thinking?" Yesterday, New Yorkers evacuated tall buildings and fled Manhattan after spotting Air Force One being chased by a fighter jet over Manhattan by the World Trade Center site. This wasn't a terrorist attack but a photo shoot authorized by someone who didn't think of the terror it would strike in the hearts of Gotham City residents.
I Googled to get a picture of Air Force One and the first thing that came up were the Nike shoes. They are called Air Force One. Andy recently ordered a pair of "custom" shoes online from Nike. You get to chose the color of the lining, laces, sole etc and the materials used. Lots of possibilities. Maybe I could have used this site to get a really authentic pair of nun's shoes for last weekend. Maybe not.
The story on the Manhattan flyover; A photo op of the plane. Mayor Bloomberg was livid that he wasn't told or the populace informed before it was done. It was kind of like the "War of the Worlds " radio episode of decades past when people thought we were under a real attack. Memories of bodies falling from skyscrapers and the horror of incineration were too fresh.
Don't they people know that the middle of the country is "flyover land"? They could have easily taken the pictures over Kansas or Minnesota or Iowa. I'm glad it wasn't Minnesota because for years local civil defense planners have been afraid the Mall of America was a target because of the name. Air Force One never flies there but they probably have the Air Force One shoes.

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