Friday, April 10, 2009

A Mighty Wind

Poor Arkansas. Tornadoes killed three yesterday in a spring storm. Is there anything left standing in Arkansas? It seems like they get an inordinate number of twisters. I think I would bunker in or put wheels on my mobile home. That is just my perception and I understand it is overblown. People think us Minnesotans are either frozen solid or eaten by bears. Blame it on the media coverage.

This week we impulsively planned a trip to San Diego next week. Sun Country had tickets for $59 and we thought why not go. I feel a little guilty traveling in this bad economy, but aren't they saying spend some money please? I will trade by guilt for patriotism. It is good for someone's job if we spend some money. San Diego is pretty much weather neutral. Not too hot. Not too cold. No hurricanes or tornadoes. I don't think they get earthquakes but the area did have wildfires last year much like OK and TX have now. I think fall rains extinguished the fires and the only thing smoking will be my husband.

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