Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Career Choice

We saw the one woman play "Late Nite Catechism" a few years ago at the Ordway Theatre in St. Paul. A traditionally habited nun (actor) teaches Catholic catechism. Think "Nunsense". The performance is very audience interactive and light-hearted. Sister singles out audience members who are chewing gum or talking while she is on stage and fines them or brings a little attention to their behavior. It is funny. Even those deprived of a sister school education get it but if you have that background you will identify and be amused. It isn't mean, but a memory jogger.

For the holiday season the Ordway has a version called "Sister's Christmas Catechism". While I have no acting experience, this is why I think I am qualified to play the role:

1. 15 years of Catholic schooling.

2. Regional Baltimore Catechism (quizzing) Champ in 1959.

3. My self-published childhood memoir is titled, "Sisters". Okay, it is really about my sister Carolyn and me.

4. I have a vintage wooden ruler.

5. My memory of long-ago is better than my recent memory. I still remember Sr. Geneva in 5th & 6th grade although I have had the grace to forgive her. I also remember some of the nice ones.

6. I have the full habit and am not afraid to wear it in public. (See blog from April. Jon and I went as sister and Father to a party.)

Now spit out that gum, sit up straight and listen up!

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