Saturday, November 14, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere.....

I still love the song by REM, "Man on the Moon". Our kids were big REM fans and I heard their CDs when they were growing up. Yes, I believe they put a man on the moon. I also think it is a bad time to spend billions more to do it again right now.

I "grew up" dancing cheek to "Moon River", so I wasn't surprised when NASA announced they had found water on the moon. There is a river there, right?

Moon water. Imagine what that bottled product could sell for in an exclusive restaurant. I drink water out of a bottle for convenience. It is portable and better for you than other bottled sodas. I am amused when waitstaff in an upscale restaurant offer more elite bottled waters and give you a "look" if you say tap water is fine.
I am my mom's daughter and won't pay $6 for a drink of water unless of course it would be Moon Water. Neither will I pay $20 for a designer water bottle. I am too cheap.

We live in Stillwater, Mn and a clever local entrepreneur has bottled and sells "Still H20". Our municipal water supply comes from deep artisian wells so that is better than some nationally branded waters which come from the tap.

Recent campaigns have been to limit using bottled water because of the amount of plastic trash. It is also a huge expense if you calculate how much per gallon we spend on bottled H2O. Filter your own if you don't trust the well or tap.

I wonder why the ecologically sensitive have never come up with a brand called "Green Water"? Maybe, not.

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