Saturday, November 21, 2009

Career Change

I've had my first cuppa coffee and perused the morning paper. I skimmed the "Daily Briefing" section not stopping to follow-up on these headlines:
Boy, 14, Charged With School Threats
Rape Suspect, 26, Found Unfit For Trial
A 5th Surrenders in Sidewalk Assaults
Two More Charged in Port-a-Potty Fire.

I admit I was tempted to read about the port-a-potty fire. Reading the other stories is a depressing way to start your day. Too much bad news makes one paranoid and feeling hopeless.
I did read the business pages. The article, "Americans saving more but earning less as interest rates fall" caught my eye. I can relate to this. The portion of my IRA in cash reserves just sits there. It barely goes up, but it doesn't plummet either. Americans seeking financial security may as well be keeping their money in a mattress.
The next story sparked my interest. "Stillwater's Central Bank makes fourth acquisition". A locally chartered bank took over a failing Fort Myers bank and now has $61 million of their assets. That convinced me. I want to get a bank charter. I want to take over someone's $61 million. I would even have a safe place to keep the $$$--an acquired bank. I may not get much interest but would be quite content with the $61,000,000.00
Minnesotans like me have been following the legal woes of two local rascals, Tom Petters and Denny Hecker. Their questionable business practices have gotten them in trouble but not before they lived like rich Saudi princes for decades.
Time for the little guy to prosper. Acquire a bank. Apparently it is legal. It is also legal to become a financial guru on Wall Street and get a nice stocking stuffer check at year's end even if you drive the company into the ground.
This is America. Land of opportunity. You just need to think big. If you want to stay out of jail, don't be like the two Carroll, Iowa "Sharpie Bandits" who drew masks on their faces with permanent black marker. The police had no trouble finding them and must have snickered when the two posed for mug shots in their "masks".

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