Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Redux Redo All Over Again

In case you have turkey leftovers, here are some suggestions. I wrote this two years ago.


by Jane Celeste the Pest

Leftover turkey, this we treasure
Chop it, slice it, guess- don’t measure
Take a handful of turkey pieces
Add veggies or some cheeses
With rice or noodles—it surely pleases.

Turkey chili can be quite spicy
Served up with cornbread, would be nice, eh?
Turkey sausages-- very hardy
Turkey meatballs—for your party.

Stuff some peppers with the turkey
Dehydrate slowly – make some jerky
Top a pizza, stuff some pitas
Serve them up with margaritas.

Turkey soup will warm you up
On colder days just drink a cup
Try turkey tacos, make some hash
Use the leftovers, save some cash.

Quesadillas, enchiladas,
Tetrazzini, manicottas
Turkey omelettes, turkey stew
Many choices, what to do?

Minnesotans, feed the group
Making “hot dish” with canned soup
Add cream of mushroom and some peas
Dinner's ready. It's a breeze.

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