Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let's Hear it For the Good Guys

In an era of overpaid, ego-inflated professional athletes, Minnesotans have some outstanding players who are good role models for kids.
Yesterday Joe Mauer, catcher for the division winning Twins, was named American league MVP for 2009. Joe is a St. Paul boy who is not only a team player but an asset to the community.
My new favorite Viking is Sydney Rice. His star is rising and I read an online bio about his modest upbringing. He has learned character and credits his mom for his success. We haven't seen his name in the local papers for public misbehavior like many Vikings from recent years. Watch out Randy Moss. Sydney looks like he has talent like yoursssss.
I don't think we can claim Brett Favre. He will always belong to the Packers, but we are lucky to have this 40 yr old who doesn't play like a 40 yr old quarterback. Brett is having an awesome year and has inspired this team to play like a team. He is another player who doesn't make headlines by nightclubbing, driving drunk or running over policemen. Gotta love him. Purple hope is alive for a Super ending of the season. Of course the downside is that the Vikings management will come with their hands out at the end of the year if they win. They want a new stadium. Maybe we need a player who can inspire sports owners to value the legacy of a stadium with some history.
For now, congratulations Joe, Sydney and Brett.

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