Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Pork Barrel Project

Hey, anyone out there tired of hearing about Swine Flu?
H1N1 immunizations are still in short supply in this area. My daughter's clinic had 120,000 phone calls to schedule an appt. for a shot a couple weeks ago. The demand exceeded the supply.
Last night my friend Pam stopped in after work. She is a physical therapist in a nursing home and was told health care workers in her facility could go to our clinic and get their vaccine. When she got there, the line was around the block with parents bringing in young children. Lots of concern. Too much hype by media I think. It is easy for me to say this because I haven't known anyone who got desparately sick or died although a 43 yr old healthy woman in a town six miles downriver died last week from it.
I am going to relax and eventually I will get the shot or the flu or neither. Many with youngsters are more concerned. They would chose the shot.
Yesterday's news left me scratching my head. They want to immunize pigs here so they won't get the flu from people. Seems a bit strange when they can't even meet the needs of the people, but this is the government deciding. Hope the birds don't start getting this or Avian Flu or we will have an even longer wait if they have to immunize all of them.


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