Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Flu By Any Other Name... And How Do You Spell Relief?

Cute story. Yesterday a friend said her senior mom thought the H1N1 flu ( formerly and occasionally known as the "Swine Flu") was pronounced "Hinie" flu. I guess she thought it was spelled H-i-n-i-. Hiney. Hinie. Wonder what grandma thought the symptoms were.
Our oldest grandson had the H1N1 a couple weeks ago. Our oldest granddaughter is currently afflicted. The school she attends is on a year round schedule with scattered week long breaks in the schedule. Her symptoms started the first day of break ruining her "vacation". Get well quick, sweetie.
Tuesday I thought I had succumbed to the virus. It started with a deep productive cough and progressed to muscle aches, fever and chills. My eyes and hair hurt. I had a headache. I cuddled up in two sweatshirts with a comforter. I had Jon turn up the thermostat and made a list of things I had done for friend Bill's funeral luncheon on Friday in case I perished. I felt bad. That night my friend Pam called and I told her I might not make it to the funeral. She said, "In Jesus name, be healed." Wednesday morning I woke up feeling 98% better. Still a little cough, but amazingly better. Thank you, Jesus.

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