Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bridge to Somewhere

Bridge seen at bottom of photo is existing 1930's Stillwater lift bridge. At top of picture is photoshopped proposed new river crossing. (new crossing not a new river)
We went to a community presentation on the proposed St. Croix bridge last evening. They showed animated videos of what the completed project will look like. When and if the new bridge is built, it will be part of a loop biking/hiking trail between bordering Wisconsin and Minnesota. The old lift bridge will remain as a pedestrian / bicycle bridge. The new span will have bike lanes and foot crossing lanes. It looks beautiful.
This morning I mused with a proposed start date lf 2014 I may not be in any shape to do the bike loop ride. Jon reminded me optimistically it may not be done for another seven years and I might not even be able to walk the loop. That sure puts things in perspective. We had a dear friend die today and it makes you even more aware that you are standing in that queue. This dear man was a believer and knew exactly where he was going after this life. Nice to have that assurance. Nice to have that bridge to somewhere better that doesn't depend on availability of federal funding. Enjoy your new life, Bill. We will miss you.

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