Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chairs Don't Drive Drunk, People Do

Last week I blogged about our locally famous DWI chair. A Proctor, MN guy was arrested trying to drive home from a bar after a few beers. His motorized (formerly known as La-Z Boy) recliner hit a parked car. Cops confiscated the chair and put it on eBay.
When a crime is committed police may confiscate property used by the criminal. When a drug dealer is driving a flashy Escalade or Corvette, later you may see an undercover man-in-blue pulling you over for a traffic violation while driving that vehicle.
Apparently none of the Proctor police wanted to drive the Motorized "La-Z Boy" recliner while on duty. Proctor is in northern Minnesota where it gets very cold and the chair didn't have a heater. They put it up for sale on eBay. The bids were due to close soon and had exceeded $40,000. Today I heard they took it off the market due to trademark infringement. La-Z Boy must be defending their good name. You can almost hear the weeping from city officials in Proctor. $40,000 would go a long way in a small towns law enforcement budget.
La-Z Boy, have a heart. I was pretty impressed with the customized chair. Was there a problem with too many people trying to buy one like it from you directly? The furniture market is in the crapper due to a sour economy. Perhaps you should lighten up and offer to sell some special order chairs at a discount. Think of the profit if you could produce one for $10,000 and cut out the middle man. Just remind people that chairs don't drive drunk. People Do. Use it responsibly.

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