Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Word Games

I picked the Family Circle artwork off the net gratis. We have been good customers in past years. Our daughter Mary collected Family Circus cartoon books when she was a kid. We still have them for her to give Zoe & Roman when they are big enough not to eat them.

I looked for an image about dictionaries this morning after I read our grandbabies blog and left a comment. I am always amused by the words you have to retype so the computer knows you aren't another computer. The letters are twisted and the words are nonsense. At least I always assumed they were nonsense. Today I questioned whether or not they were real words. One was tremsum & the other anutshi. Just because they aren't familiar to me doesn't mean they aren't definable words.
Years ago we were introduced to the word game, Dictionary. You need paper, pencils, a dictionary and a quoram of people with a good sense of humor. Players take turns looking up words in the dictionary that no one at the table can define. If it is your turn you write the selected word and correct definition on a piece of paper. Everyone else concocts a daffynition and writes that. Then all the slips are read and you vote which you think is correct. Object: fool the most people and get points. Downside. You hear a new word and never learn the real definition because you only remember the funny ones. I still remember some incorrect word definitions from past years. Ex. Llamasary: a place where you keep llamas. Nope. Look it up yourself but chances are you will always think it is a place to keep llamas.

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