Monday, November 2, 2009


I love pansies with their many colors and cute faces. They are cool weather hardy but don't bloom when the temperatures escalate. Ours have bloomed continually since spring. They didn't wilt in July or August. They are still blooming and we have had multiple frosts.
We devote more time to weather reporting in our state than other areas of the country. California may be an exception but they have to keep track of droughts, flash floods, mudslides, earthquakes and wildfires.
Maybe because we have to tolerate such extremes we fixate on weather. After the TV people tell us the 5 day forecast, they often do long range predictioins about how miserable we will be in a few months. Yesterday they were talking about the return of the White Bear Lake ice fishing contest. We have already had a taste of snow. Just enough to remind us that even the pansies aren't tough enough to stay outdoors blooming forever in Minnesnowta.
Calling someone a pansy is a disparaging remark. It signifies wimpiness. Although these flowers don't like very warm weather, they are tough. Tough like our Vikings who managed to beat the Green Bay Packers yesterday. They are not pansies this year either..

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