Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog Early, Blog Often

I know, I know. Too much blogging. Indulge me for one more time, please. I had to write about voting early and voting often. It is legal in Minneapolis where IRV is being introduced.

Today is municipal election day in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Minneapolis is introducing a new balloting system. I can't determine a legitimate reason for this but they say it eliminates a primary election and saves money. We will see.


Voters will use a paper ballot that must be counted by hand. They cannot use machines to count with the new method. It is called Ranked Choice Voting. Pick you first, second, and third candidate choice. Here is the first problem. Who has three candidates in a race that they like?

When election judges in Florida and then Ohio were challenged on their determinations in the 2000 and 2004 presidential races, why do we want to make this more complicated? Imagine tallying columns of 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices and being mindful of hanging chads etc. Remember this is a state that didn't settle the 2008 Senate race for nine months. Factor in that Minneapolis has a large number of newly emigrated English is a second language citizens and we may be in for quite an interesting election.

On the positive side, while every group is financially challenged in 2009, candidates will doubtlessly save money on election night victory celebrations. It was announced we won't have the election results until some time in mid December. You heard me right---December.

Maybe Minneapolis should just have a big Tea Party and vote by aye or nay. That would simplify things. Well, Minneapolis is a pretty liberal-politiced town. Make that a Koffee Klutch.

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