Monday, November 16, 2009

My Squirrely Life

We used to do battle with the squirrels who raided our bird feeders. There are legends of what those leaping rodents will do for a little bird seed. We usually lost. Last year my husband moved the feeder. It hangs by wire from the overhang. I can refill it by cranking open a window. We can see the birds from the great room and our baby grandkids love the birdies.
Only once or twice have the squirrels made the leap to eat at that trough. They can get to it but must endure an approximately 8ft. drop to leave. Probably not worth it. In gratitude for them staying away from the feeder,I started leaving treats for them on the deck railing-- stale peanuts, dry bread, cornmeal muffins etc.
Squirrels may be pesty but one has to admire their industry. They are always busy "squirreling away" food for winter. Our neighbor has a walnut and an apple tree. It is fun watching them scamper up a tree with a whole apple or walnut in the mouth. Recently we began noticing solitary apples by the sliding door on the deck. I tossed them only to find another the next day. I was puzzled why they would bother to fetch an apple only to leave it. Next I wondered if they were feeding me in gratitude for me feeding them? Think Disney movie or St. Francis.
Last week Jon hauled my "Garden Angel" terra cotta 3ft. statue up onto the deck. I will decorate it seasonally and she now wears a stocking cap and scarf. After I dressed her, a squirrel came by and stopped to look. He climbed around and looked from every angle. Now he is leaving apples by the statue. Must be a religious squirrel.
True story.

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