Friday, May 1, 2009

Ham on Rye, Hold the Cinco de Mayo

Go ahead. Eat the ham sandwich. You won't get H1N1 flu from a ham sandwich. It is cured. Cooking kills any virus. But, you might want to hold the Cinco de "Mayo". It will probably be a quiet holiday in Mexico City. In our area it is celebrated in West St. Paul where a large number of hispanics live.

People in Mexico are taking seriously the direction not to congregate. Here in the states it looks like a different response. Many school districts where there has been a case of (swine) HiN1 flu are closed. That seems prudent. Stop the spread. The next thing you see is media coverage of what kids are doing now that the schools are closed. They get together to play. They go to baseball games. These can both be outdoor activities so the risk is probably low of spreading disease.

Haven't seen much of Joe Biden since his TV comment about not flying or being in small spaces with others. Later yesterday, the White House Press Secretary issued a statement about what Joe Biden "meant to say". I think I should have a press secretary. Might keep me out of trouble with my mouth. Just have someone issue a statement about what I meant to say. We all know what the VP meant to say. We've had a few thoughts along those lines ourselves. Are we overreacting or being prudent? Time will tell. We have one case of the flu in central Minnesota. I just might decide to go to Cinco de Mayo myself, but I think I'll skip "El Dia de los Muertas".

By the way, has anyone seen Joe?

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