Thursday, July 23, 2009

Living Green Would Be Good

After reading a blog today that referred to the security level rising from yellow to orange it occured to me I couldn't remember what colors were good. What color indicated safety? I found the homeland security levels by Googling. This system was originated after 9/11 to indicate when we need to get our guard up. Do any of us pay attention to it? I don't think we have had a blue day or a green day since 9/11 and I wonder if we ever will. My question is how relevant this is to the average citizen. We still leave home when it is a yellow day. I think we have had orange days when they have uncovered a terrorist plot. I don't remember a red day and hope we never see it. Red days might keep some people from flying commercial air.
It seems living green would be good but I'm not sure how different my life would be. Maybe they wouldn't make us take off our shoes at the airport on a green day. Maybe we could bring our own bottle of water from home on the airplane. Maybe not. Then they would have to racket up into a hotter colored day.

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Anonymous said...

It has been Orange at the airport since 9/11 they never change it, coming in off of 494 they have the LED signs and it always says Threat Level Orange - Report Suspicous Activity!