Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Royal Flush

A few years ago when we visted Jon's ancestral roots in Germany, a distant relative told him our family name was derived from one of the three Magi (three kings who visited the Christ Child). Jon was delighted. Royal blood. Then someone asked if that wasn't the black king and his lineage was in question. I heard the name came from the name Balthasar. He heard he was a descendant.
Jon has compiled a nice geneology and put it online. The results are a handful of people who have e-Googled their names and found they were related to Jon. Yesterday he heard from a woman in Wisconsin with ties back to his mom's Swiss family. We visited that family home as well. The surprising part---they are related through Melchior U. Wasn't Melchior one of the names of the kings? Yes. This is only known through tradition. Their names aren't in scripture.

So my dear husband has ties to a Melchior and a Balthasar but not a Caspar. He probably won't hit the trifecta but Caspar was a friendly ghost, wasn't he? Who knows.

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