Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Man (or woman) in the Mirror---- Contemplating Change

This isn't about Michael Jackson. God forbid. May he rest in peace. May we rest in a different kind of peace .... a peace that comes when they stop talking about Michael Jackson.

This is about looking in our bathroom mirror and seeing a reflection of a very dated 70's bathroom. It has been painted or papered and a few minor alterations made, but it is dated. The wooden cabinets are dark, the lighting a swag style fixture found only at garage sales when the seller tries to unload old fixtures. There are a few cracks in the grout and I have never like the grayish tone on the floor tile which doesn't match the tub tiles. Yesterday Jon suggested we replace the tile and that got the ball rolling. As long as we are doing that we better redo the vanity.....get a new sink and counter top and get a new medicine cabinet.....and that lighting.....we need updated lighting and we need more storage so a tall linen cabinet would be nice. We want to replace the toilet fixture with one of those gravity super flush commodes. We could use a cabinet above the potty. I drew the line at replacing the tub. The tub is okay. We will have to replace the door to the room to match and when we do that the three adjacent doors to the bedrooms and linen closet need to match. Then we will have to change the baseboards to match and ................on and on .
We checked out a local builders store and got a few options. There wasn't anything I was crazy about. I have a terrible time visualizing how something will look and dread making a choice I will hate when it is installed. As far as I know, they won't bring everything out and let me look at it in our bathroom for approval. Make a choice and live with it. That is how it works. It took me a year to buy our last couch and love seat. A full year. I started looking at HOM's labor day sale one year and when that sale rolled around the next year I was still looking at furniture. I also dilly-dallied choosing floor covering and carpeting with our last job and now wish I had not picked that carpet. Maybe I should have been a renter instead of a home owner. I could move when things got dumpy.
Today when Jon said something about the bathroom work I inquired whether we shouldn't replace our deck instead. He seems to think the bathroom thing is all settled. Meanwhile, I am looking online for a different house. Why do I think that would be easier than choosing a new bathroom vanity? I guess Michael Jackson wasn't the only one who is a bubble off.
Incidentally, am I the only one who thinks the classic sculpture of "The Thinker" looks like he is sitting on a porcelain fixture?

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