Monday, July 20, 2009

The Most Trusted Man

It was said he was the "most trusted man in America". They don't say that about too many journalists today. Walter Cronkite was known as a man of integrity. His calm demeanor soothed a troubled nation who weathered assassinations of a president, civil rights leader and several political candidates. It was the Cold War. We felt threatened by a formidable enemy who "rattled sabres". Walter delivered bad news and was not despised as the bearer of bad news. He rose above that. Gifted with a deep, strong voice he gave us news of the day. I don't think he ever did a report of what movie stars or TV shows were up to. Even when he reported about death and dying in Viet Nam, we were able to take that spoonful of bad news from him. When it became apparent that the Viet Nam war was a morass, he did not shrink from telling us that was what he saw. He was and is well respected. I think even God would have watched Walter Cronkite's news if God needed to watch the news.

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