Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Race

I heard on the radio that "the Minnesota senate RACE was over". Race? Eight months to count the vote and they call that a race? Maybe we need a new way to describe political contests.

These races start years before election day with candidates testing the waters, raising funds and hitting the trail. It takes lots of time. It is like a marathon so maybe the word race fits, except in Minnesota where we have almost forgotten that we are waiting for results.

Potential candidates are beginning to line up to run for MN governor in two years. Our current governor seems to be out in the national eye and many believe he has his focus on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Even Jesse Ventura may be adding his opinion. Please, Jesse, stay in the Baja. You could help your country more by using some of your previous training and tough guy skills to fight the drug cartels in Mexico where you live.

Governor Sanford is treading water to hold on to the job he has. I don't think he can count on his wife to manage his next campaign. That in itself would be one way to screen his mental health. The guy must be crazy if he thinks he has a future in politics and crazier if he thinks she will work for him. Maybe she should run. Many of us loved her absence at the podium when he tearfully confessed. Bill Clinton pulled it off but not all of the voters Bill needed were in the Bible Belt. Remember Gennifer Flowers? That was before Monica and he still got elected.

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