Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jackson Imposter??

I haven't heard anything to the contrary, so I assume Michael Jackson is still dead. He is still dead like Elvis is still dead. I wonder how long it will take for a rash of impersonators to start.
Do you think it will matter if the impersonator is "black or white", Arab or Asian?
Remember when the post office had people vote to chose between a young Elvis or an older jumpsuited Elvis that would appear on a stamp? MJ's image is like that. A black pop star or a latter-day glowing sort of too- white-to-be-believable MJ. I scratch my head when wondering why this was not offensive to African Americans. Now I am being judgmental. I know plenty of people of Scandinavian heritage who slather on tanning oil and go to the beach or electric beach and opt for darker skin.
Is that a rejection of one's heritage?

There is a money to be made for an entrepreneur who markets white sequined gloves and fedoras, uniforms with epaulets and braid. The death groupies have money to spend. Anyone for an eBay business partnership?

I am sorry for the pop stars kids, but I was sorry for them before he died too. I am sure he loved them, but how could they have ever had anything but a weird life?

LA is gearing up for a big (ticketed) public funeral. I don't know if Michael in his $25,000 gold casket will make an appearance there but it could be a good place for an impersonator to start a career. Just dress the part and lie very still. And it better be a white guy who does the funeral.

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