Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Where The Women Are Strong, The Men Are Good Looking And All The Children Are Above Average

While some (none of you I'll bet) were in a queue online for lottery appointed tickets to the King of Pop's memorial service, we attended a free performance of the Prairie Home Companion with host Garrison Keillor.

As I blogged earlier, we had a close up view of him as he came out of his RV trailer and prepared for the show.

After the show Keillor stayed in the area signing autographs and visiting with fans. I was impressed with his patience. The performance ended at 7:00pm and as the crowd thinned to about a half dozen after more than an hour. M & M thendecided to get that photo-op with the babies and GK. We were second to last, and he must have wanted to leave, but was gracious and visited with us for 2 or 3 minutes while allowing us to snap several posed photos. The great one , my term because I was really impressed with his down home folksiness, was very personable. Mary introduced the twins as "His youngest fans". He asked Zoe's name and then if it was spelled with an umlaut.

My husband Jon has a cousin who dated an original member of the Powdermilk Biscuit Band that has been a staple on the show. His cousin Peter even played on the show a few times years ago. When Jon asked if he remembered Pete he affirmed he did. "Wasn't he raised in Melrose?" he asked. "He sold precious violins and bows and I saw him a few years ago at an auction in London." Yes, he remembered Pete and the girlfriend (Molly) .

Lake Wobegon may be a mythical place but Garrison Keillor is very real..... even with those red shoes.

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