Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who Was Really Working the Crowd?


We did the trek up I 94 to Avon, MN yesterday for the Prairie Home Companion's 35th anniversary show. It was a pleasant day. We arrived an hour and a half early but had greatly underestimated the crowd that would come earlier than that. Most of the remaining outdoor seating was in the hot sun and on the periphery. With two babies entow and five adults who didn't want to look into the sun, we chose to set up our lawn chairs on a grassy, shady area close behind the stage. Our view was limited but we were by the staging area where the shows cast congregated. We watched Garrison Keillor come out of his trailer and mingle. We saw our senior Senator, Amy Klobuchar, work the crowd. When she got close I said to Mary and Mike that this would be a good opportunity for another first time experience for the twins.... Hand them over for their first politician's kiss. That is what they do, right? They kiss babies. Sure enough. A good natured Senator Klobuchar received a smiling Zoe. Zoe repicrocated by grabbing her glasses. I pried the glasses out of her hand only to watch her get a good handful of her neck. Thankfully we grabbed her back before she pulled the senator's hair. Zoe is good at doing all that with a big smile on her face. If pictures of the senator today show a bruise on her neck you will know why. Could you call this child abuse? Abuse by a child? Oh, Zoe. We didn't hand Roman to the senator. He is famous for spitting up on people and that might have been inconvenient for a politician with a lot of hands still to shake. The afternoon continued with a tireless politician doing the meet and greet. She told us she had already done four other town parades. Two smiling nine month olds also worked the crowd. They didn't walk around and shake hands but still charmed everyone who came near them.

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