Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Power Play

We just got election results from our senator race about a month ago in the longest contested senatorial race in the country. Bad enough the campaign was long but the tallying time almost matched the campaign. That all wrapped up the end of June. Now it is the end of July and there is buzz about our 2010 gubernatorial contest. There are twenty declared candidates for governor.
Yesterday also brought forth a candidate who will be one of two Democrats to oppose our representative in the House. Do you know what all this means? It means we won't have any down time between elections. June finished the last race. July began the next one. Add to this the amount of email complaining about the current administration and we never seem to catch a break from politics.
Personally, I long for the days when Andy Taylor probably ran his re-election campaign by having Opie and his buddies put flies around town. Aunt Bea might have said a few words at the garden club. Floyd would remind people who came in the barber shop to vote. Barney Fife wouldn't have to do anything but be Barney Fife. That would remind everyone how much they needed Andy to be re-elected so Barney wouldn't be in charge.
I think I am living in a fantasy world. My fantasy is less meanness, and less hog-wild spending. Keep it simple, be polite and play nice and keep the campaign six months or less, please.

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